Crayon ringstm

Fill your live with color by wearing Crayons

Crayon rings is a brand of high-end wearable Crayons suitable for grow-ups who love design, art, and funny things.

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About Us

All our products are desiged in Italy and are made with very resistant and professional materials so they look and work great!. These Crayons aren't just decorative pieces, they are very resistant and functional and can be used to write or draw anytime, so the idea is to use it!

Our Mission

Our team's mission is pretty simple: we want to add more color to people’s lives. Why? Because we know by experience that by wearing funny, colorful yet stylish accessories, the day will become a bit more fun and optimistic. That's why we created wearable Crayons suitable for grown-ups.

Support Us - Indiegogo

Right now we are growing as a brand and we need your help! If you want to support our Indiegogo Campaign please click here